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We believe that human beings are inherently good, and move towards a better kind, physically, mentally, and spiritually, life after life, eventually return to origin like an angel. 

A Mother's Love

anglasbe - mother's love

To my dearest Ängla,

You are like an angel coming into our life. Since you were in mommy’s belly, we talked to you, prayed for you, and wished you healthy, happy, full of hope and love.  We watched, supported, and raised you. While we tried to teach you all about life, you taught us what life is all about.

Growing up is never easy; neither is parenting. Being a parent, we realize how little we know about love and how much we are incapable of loving. You brought new challenges to us day by day, and We couldn’t make you better without evolving ourselves.

Past, present, and future; Life after life, generation by generation, it’s a story we transform towards a better kind. Wherever you are, whatever you do

– Be true, be good, be beautiful, live as an Angel lives.


Be True Be Good Be Beautiful, Like An Angel.


Spread love, great ideas, and products that make people – Be True, Be Good, Beautiful, Like An Angel.


May True, Good, Beautiful within us and all around the world. Transform human beings up to the next level.


ÄnglasBe logo

- A Symbol Of Spreading, Transformation, And A Miracle Of Life -


Butterflies are the heaven-sent kisses of an angel, as our mission at ÄnglasBe, spreading truth, goodness, and beauty to propel us forward.


Butterfly symbolizes our vision at ÄnglasBe – to evaluate life and set for manifesting change where we are to our next phase of being.

Miracle Of Life

A small change can result in great differences. Our works at ÄnglasBe seem tiny like butterfly flags, little-by-little, we can create a tornado.

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