Herbaland the world's leading gummy manufacturer from Canada

Herbaland is an award-winning gummy vitamin manufacturer from Canada. It dedicates to producing the cleanest and tastiest vitamin gummies that make people and our planet healthier and happier. Its NSF, GMP, and non-GMO facility manufactures more than 2.5 billion gummies every year.

We at ÄnglasBe share the same values with them. We are proud to be its official distributor and sell its high-quality gummy vitamins for kids, adults, and women in Sweden and the EU.

Herbaland's Core Values


Herbaland aims at creating fun and healthy gummies that everyone can enjoy. This is why they choose vegan or vegetarian and take extra care to prevent allergen ingredients, such as dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, etc.


Being a leader in the nutraceutical industry, Herbaland's vision is to always uphold the highest integrity and the best practices. they believe that even the smallest actions have a huge impact, every action is based on making the planet a happier and healthier place.


Herbaland does its best to give back to the planet. This means finding zero-waste packaging solutions, choosing energy-efficient production, and acquiring ethically sourced ingredients.

Giving Back to Society

Herbaland partners with Canadian charities to deliver nutritional gummies to 10,000 kids across Canada by the end of 2020, and to reach children globally in 2021!

Herbaland came together against the crisis and donated 15,000 bottles of vitamin gummies to Front-Line, Health-Care Heroes for COVID-19.

Herbaland's Mission

Make People Healthier

Quality Ingredients

The secret to the most delicious and nutritious gummies lies in the high quality, sustainable plant-based ingredients in the world. Whenever possible, we opt for fair trade and organically-farmed ingredients.

Fun & Functional

Herbaland moves beyond traditional vitamin and mineral supplements and has made gummies that meet delicious and nutritious, fun and functional for kids, adults, or who are in sports and beauty.

Make Planet Healthier

Efforts In All Details

They dedicate to sustainability by continuously improving in all processes: acquiring high-quality and ethically sourced ingredients, choosing energy-efficient production, finding zero-waste packaging solutions, etc.

Herbaland development - efforts in all details

Zero Waste

They are in its phase toward zero-waste. It has made zero-waste purchasing available since 2019 and is continuously investigating cleaner packaging options, which will reduce thousands of kilograms of plastic every year.


The products comply with GMP and quality standards regulated by the Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada and are tested by independent third parties.

  • Certified GMP NSF and NSF for Sport
  • Certified Gluten-Free by The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (* product-based certificate)
  • Part of program of The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America
  • Certified Nut-Free Facility
  • Non-GMO (* product-based certificate)
  • Potency and purity is tested by third-party labs

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Herbaland certificate
Herbaland Gluten-free certification Organization
Halal Certificate for Herbaland


Herbaland 2020 awards


  • BC EXPORT AWARDS, Winner of Consumer Products, 2019
  • RICHMOND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Finalist, Business Leadership Of The Year, 2019
  • REPORT ON BUSINESS, #122, Canada’s Top Growing Companies, 2019
  • BUSINESS VANCOUVER, #8, BC Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, 2019


  • RICHMOND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Finalist, Large Business Of The Year, 2018
  • CANADIAN BUSINESS, #57 Growth 500: The Complete Ranking Of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, 2018
  • BC EXPORT AWARDS, BC Export Award Finalist, 2018


  • ALIVE MAGAZINE, Gold, Consumer’s Choice In New Supplements Category, 2017
  • ALIVE MAGAZINE, Silver, Consumer’s Choice In Weight Management Category, 2017
  • ALIVE MAGAZINE, Bronze, Consumer’s Choice In Sports Supplements Category
  • BUSINESS IN VANCOUVER, BE Export Award Finalist, 2017


  • RICHMOND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Finalist, Workplace Of The Year, 2016
  • BC EXPORT AWARD, BE Export Award Finalist, 2016
  • RICHMOND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Mid-Size Business Of The Year, 2016


  • RICHMOND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Innovation Of The Year, 2014
  • ALIVE MAGAZINE, Bronze, Consumer’s Choice, Weight Management Category, 2014


  • RICHMOND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, New Business Of The Year, 2011
  • ALIVE MAGAZINE, Gold, Consumer’s Choice, Vitamins and Supplements Category, 2010

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