5 Reasons to Love Herbaland And Their Gummy Vitamins

5 Reasons to Love Herbaland And Their Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins have become a popular option for daily supplements. Among all the choices on the market, Herbaland is definitely one of the shining stars. Its colorful gummy bear images present their endless positive energy and great vitality that have touched the hearts of a huge number of fans around the world.

We at ÄnglasBe are great fans of Herbaland, too. Let’s talk about 5 reasons why we love Herbaland and their gummy vitamins, and we promise you will love them too:

1. A Company That Encourages Creativity

Herbaland Gummy Vegan Collagen Booster for Women
Vegan. Sugar-free. Supports your body’s own collagen production.

Our first impression of the Herbaland was that the team members are both young and creative. Such a vibrant atmosphere comes from their inclusive and positive company culture that encourages exploring new ideas and possibilities.

Because of Herbaland’s strong research and development team, they have successfully created over 7 different gummy vitamin product lines, more than 30 kinds of fun and functional gummy vitamin products that take care of kids and adults alike. From daily supplementation, preventative health, immune-boosting, sleep health, beauty and fitness, Herbaland has it all!

Not to mention the variety of the flavors, such as Vegan Collagen Booster‘s taste of watermelon, is definitely a refreshing surprise.

2. Quality You Can Trust

More than just Made in Canada, Herbaland is the largest and cleanest gummy manufacturer in Canada.

Herbaland is an award-winning manufacturer dedicated to producing one of the cleanest and tastiest vitamin gummies for the happiness and health of all people and our planet. Their company owns more than 65% of the gummy vitamin production licenses also know as NPN’s, for Canada’s health products. Both their production process and facilities are certificated with quality standards such as NSF, GMP, etc.

Unlike common gelatin-based gummies on the market, Herbaland uses plant-based pectin instead of gelatin so that vegan or vegetarian consumers can also access nutrition. Herbaland also prioritizes using flavors and colors that are from natural extracts exclusively. Sugar-free gummies are also available even though this option is harder to produce and more costly. All the efforts are to create clean, green, and high-quality gummies.

Herbaland Gummy D3 and B12 for Adults Vegan Sugar-free
Herbaland Gummy Vitamin D3+B12 For Adults is vegan, sugar-free, and with a fruity taste of raspberry for the most picky eaters.

3. An Ambition To Zero Waste

When talking to their employees, we were strongly impressed by their pride and passion. Not just because they make one of the best gummy vitamins, but also their achievement is based in the love and contribution to the environment.

Sustainability actions have been taken and have been improving in all aspects, from sourcing, producing, packaging, even to their retail stores. They prefer to source raw ingredients from local growers and organic farmers, accepting only fair trade ingredients. Their innovative Eco-Forming technology uses less energy and produces less waste. New gummy products with 100% compostable pouches and bottles will be soon launched. Every step moves them closer to their ultimate goal of zero waste.

Soon the bottles of Herbaland gummy vitamins will be 100% compostable and leave no waste to the environment
Soon the bottles of Herbaland gummy vitamins will be 100% compostable and leave no waste to the environment.

4. Gummy Vitamins For Children In Need

Herbaland targets to donate 10000 bottles of gummy vitamins for kids to support children who are in need
Herbaland targets to donate 10,000 bottles of Gummy Vitamins for Kids to support children who are in need. The products are made with extra care ensuring that every kid can enjoy.

Herbaland’s love and positive energy doesn’t stop in the facility. It has spread out to the community, Vancouver city, Canada, and other parts of the world. By partnering with charities or running a campaign such as Growing With Gummies that targets to donate 10,000 bottles of gummy vitamins to children who need the support of daily nutrition.

To ensure everyone can receive nutritional benefits and enjoy the gummies, Herbaland pays extra efforts in sourcing and choosing ingredients. In this way, their love can reach every child without a single loss.

Check out the test reports about the sensitivities and allergens shown on our product pages for: kids gummy Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and D3+Calcium with full ingredient lists and test reports.

5. Together We Make A Better World

Last but not least, what touched and moved us the most is to see how the Herbaland family gathers the team members with various origins all while sharing the same values. They embrace multi-culturalism while every individual prospects the same vision: Together We Make A Better World.

Just as we at ÄnglasBe believe: A small change can result in great differences.  Our works seem tiny like butterfly flags. However, little-by-little, we can create a tornado.

A must-watch video from the Herbaland family:

Today Herbaland’s 150 employees (Vancouver, BC) speak more than 20 different languages. They embrace multi-culturalism while sharing the same vision: Together We Make A Better World

Do You Share The Same Value?

Being loved by their fans, Herbaland has become a stylish symbol of gummy vitamin supplements. After reading this article, are you like us who share the same value as Herbaland? Would you like to try out the tasty vitamin gummies, while sharing such shinny and positive energy with the people around you?

A small action can make great differences. Our world can be better if everyone takes a little share. We are looking for micro-influencers, no matter how ‘micro’, as long as you are interested in spreading love, ideas, and products that make people – Be True, Be Good, Be Beautiful, Like An Angel, please contact us.

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